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Integrate System Management, Activate your Business.

Hinemos is a software which could integrate, simplify and automate system management operations, to activate your business.

  • Hinemos Subscription  now available in USA

Why Hinemos?

Hinemos can simplify system management to activate your business, by integrating system operation management, automate failure prediction/prevention, and reduce total cost of operation.

  • Integrate System Management

    Integrate System Management

    Hinemos will provide features to remove complexity of managing multi-platform environment.Hinemos can be applied to both on-premise and cloud environment management.It will integrate management of various layers, from hardware to applications.

  • Automate Prediction and Prevention

    Automate Prediction and Prevention

    Hinemos collects various data, not only to monitor and detect actual failure, but also to predicting possible failure in future. When a failure is detected or predicted, Hinemos will automatically take action to recover or prevent failure.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Hinemos can reduce TCO not only by automating various tasks needing human operation, but also with cost effective licensing scheme.
    Essential services and support for enterprise users are provided in one simple subscription license. This subscription license is provided with low price, and will not scale by the number of management target servers and equipment.

Product & Services

Hinemos Subscription

Hinemos Subscription provides services and additional features essencials for enterprise users.
Support desk only for subscriber is available for accessing update information and patches, additional softwares and documents, and inquiry webform for technical support.


We provide consultation and support to carry out successful planning, implementation and deployment of Hinemos on various environment with various requirements.

Start Using Hinemos

  • Start Using Hinemos

    Start Using Hinemos

    Reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure while increasing
    productivity and performance.

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  • Download


    Basic features of Hinemos can be downloaded from Git Hub Hinemos Project to try out.

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  • Technical Information

    Technical Information

    Startup tutorials to help you get started with Hinemos.

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  • FAQ


    Frequently asked questions.

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  • Hinemos Case Studies

    Hinemos Case Studies

    Hinemos is used by various users, in more than 700 systems all over the world.

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