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PoC Services

Make your project successful taking full advantage of
Oracle Engineered Systems


With a lineup of the latest Oracle Engineered Systems in INTELLILINK Oracle Engineered Systems Lab, we offer Proof-of-Concept(PoC) service in which you can test your own workloads on Oracle Engineered Systems.
Our PoC service does not only measure the effectiveness of the future investment but often clarifies the potential issues and their solutions. Our experienced Oracle experts will provide assistance in choosing the most suitable platform and maximizing its advantages, sharing our collective skills and know-hows.

Typical Scenarios for PoC

    • Performance Assessment
    • Performance Assessment
    • Performance Assessment
    • Performance Assessment
    • Performance Assessment


    Performance Assessment- Database Optimization of Exadata -

    Measure the performance of your system on Exadata using your own application and data extracted from current running system to confirm how your system will experience the benefits from the future investment.

  • Feasibility Study & Performance Assessment


    Feasibility Study & Performance Assessment- Big Data Management with BDA+Exadata -

    Test the feasibility of your next IT move such as investing into big data management system making full use of structured/unstructured data from various sources. You can confirm whether Oracle Engineered Systems can satisfy your functional and non-functional requirements, such as performance, availability and manageability.

  • Performance Benchmark


    Performance Benchmark– Database Backup & Recovery with ZDLRA -

    Experience the benefit of cutting-edge technology. For instance, see how your database protection strategies can be changed by migrating from standard Network Attached Storage to Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.