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Key Solutions

A solution that realizes a business foundation that realizes
stable operation and high-speed processing of large amounts of data.



Solution Offerings

Get the best solutions for your data management implemented with
wide range of Oracle products and technolo­gies.

  • Database integration

    We will actively utilize the multi-tenant function according to the customer's requirements.

  • BCP/DR

    We propose a safe and secure Disaster Recovery environment using Data Guard / Golden Gate.

  • Database migration

    Support from Golden Gate engineers with abundant experience and achievements

  • Database backup integration

    We propose an integrated database backup environment that utilizes ZDLRA.

  • Integrated virtualization

    We propose reduction of total cost by integrated virtualization platform utilizing PCA.

  • Operational optimization

    We propose to solve the personal problem by standardization and reduce the operation man-hours by simplification and automation.

INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle

INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform is a hybrid platform solution that provides an IT platform that leverages on-premises Oracle products and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We provide "high availability", "secure", and "data management / utilization" that realizes data-based decision making required for the platform. For our customers, we provide consistent support from configuration study to construction and operation in order to introduce a flexible and advanced IT platform safely and smoothly.


It is the best solution for customers who have such problems

  • Want to reduce redundant IT costs for our siled systems.
  • There is an urgent need to improve the fault tolerance of the system as part of BCP measures.
  • Want to reduce the response load in system operation such as waiting at night.
  • Want to create a system platform that can create value from all kinds of data and is highly convenient for data management.

INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle Concept


  • Technical Accuracy and Fast Resolution


    High availability

    - IT BCP measures that are becoming more and more important these days. INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform realizes continuous system operation using a unique high availability configuration in case of various emergencies. We provide a modernized high availability platform by flexibly combining on-premises and cloud computing.

  • Managed Service Delivery


    Data management and utilization

    - Data utilization cannot be excluded in the big data era. The INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform paves the way for customers to utilize their data and supports further value creation.

  • Proactive Support



    - Data security is a top priority of the system. INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform provides a secure system platform by combining proven secure products with appropriate configurations and settings.

Total support from design to construction, operation and monitoring

We provide total support from design to construction, operation, and monitoring, such as OS and middleware running on Oracle Cloud, and virtualized environments using application servers and database servers that serve as hybrid platforms.