While customers' needs to utilize AI in their business are increasing, we receive many inquiries from customers who do not know where to start. As a member of the NTT DATA Group, we at NTT DATA INTELLILINK utilize the know-how we have cultivated through the design, construction, and operation of mission-critical information communication system infrastructure to help our customers collect the data they need to utilize AI. We help you draw a comprehensive and consistent model for all processes from data collection, storage, analysis, and execution.

*DL: Deep Learning

Consulting Case Studies

[Case 1] Example of consulting on streamlining contract review operations

This customer had a large number of contract signings that occurred every month, and the contract review process required a large amount of operation time. To solve this problem, we decided to utilize AI technologies such as natural language processing to reduce the number of contract review operations. To achieve this, it was necessary not only to use commercially available tools but also to develop new systems and integrate them with AI technology. As a vendor with specialized knowledge, we provided consulting services such as business surveys, feasibility studies of AI application, organization of requirements, and implementation support to ensure efficient and smooth implementation of AI.

[Case 2] Shortening the time from conception to commercialization

In the past, it took this customer approximately two years from conception to commercialization for product development.
With the aim of shortening this period to one year, we identified existing business processes and issues, and implemented various improvement plans for each business process in stages, from consulting to AI implementation and utilization, including workflow review, paperless operation, and centralized information management.