INTELLILINK Cloud Starter Pack for OCI


Lift & Shift to the Cloud

With the trend of cloud computing, companies considering migrating their core systems and various web services built in the on-premise environment to the cloud are increasing rapidly. However, many customers are struggling how to proceed with the migration to the cloud.

The actual migration method to the cloud will vary depending on the characteristics of the system, so the ability of IT partner skilled in cloud implementation and migration is critically important.

As a system integrator and authorized partner of Oracle Corporation, NTT DATA INTELLILINK Technologies provides Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as "OCI") Implementation Service to customers considering migration to Oracle Cloud.

There are many companies struggling to lift & shift to the cloud.

■ Do you have any of these issues?

Hardware maintenance is about to expire.
We want to reduce maintenance cost for middleware (including database).
We want to reduce implementation costs, including hardware and software.
We have decided for top-down cloud implementation, but do not have the expertise.

■ For these departments

Departments that will be using cloud for the first time
Departments that do not have the expertise of cloud implementation
Departments that are seeking work style reform using cloud
Departments that want to reduce IT investment

What is INTELLILINK Cloud Starter Pack for OCI?

This is a small-start build service for cloud implementation. Using this starter pack, it is also possible to build the customer-specific system.

We support the customer's cloud implementation as a total service with a small start, from design to construction and operation support, including virtualization environment using OS, middleware, application server, and database server running on the Oracle Cloud.

Why choose INTELLILINK Cloud Starter Pack for OCI?

We strongly back up customers who want to start using cloud by providing one-stop comprehensive support from cloud implementation design to construction and operation support.

Service Elements and Pricing of INTELLILINK Cloud Starter Pack for OCI

Service ElementsBasic/OptionalOverviewPricing of Each Service
Oracle Cloud Construction Basic We build the environment on OCI with the following standard configuration.

- Web/AP server: Compute instance (IaaS) x1
- DB server: DBCS instance (PaaS) x1
- Storage: Block Volume, Object Storage
*Cloud usage fee is not included.
Oracle WebLogic Server Construction Optional We build the Oracle WebLogic Server on a standard configuration compute instance. ¥600,000
Oracle Database Migration Optional We support the migration of Oracle Database data from on-premise environment to the Oracle Cloud. Estimate for each case of inquiry
Oracle Cloud/
Oracle Database Environment
Backup/restore support
Optional We support backup design and configuration of Oracle Database.
(from initial setup to automated backup)
Estimate for each case of inquiry
Oracle Database Ticket Service for Oracle Cloud Optional We provide operational support related to AP/Web server and DB server environment of OCI based on ticket. ¥500,000
(5 tickets)

*The following cloud usage fees are required in addition to the service fee. (OCI (UC) is resold by INTELLILINK.)

60,000 yen/month | 720,000 yen/year (excluding tax) is expected for the basic configuration of "Oracle Cloud Construction".
If WebLogic is included, 50,000 yen/month | 600,000 yen/year (excluding tax) will be added to the above fees.

Basic Configuration of INTELLILINK Cloud Starter Pack for OCI

ComponentQuantityApplicationNo. of OCPU/Memory CapacityDisk Capacity
Cloud Infrastructure Compute1AP/Web Server2OCPU/30GB-
Oracle Database Cloud Service Oracle instance1DB server2OCPU/30GB-
Block Volume Storage2AP/Web server, DB server-500GB
Object Storage1Backup-1TB

Details: Oracle Cloud Construction

 Implementation ItemWork DetailsRemarks
1Confirmation of requirementsRequirements hearing 
Requirements analysis/policy review 
2ConstructionNetwork settings 
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute construction 
OS settings 
Oracle Database settings 
Oracle Database Cloud Service construction 
VPN construction 
3Operation confirmationOracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute operation confirmationIncluding network
Oracle Database basic operation test 
VPN equipment installation and operation check 
4Connection explanationExplanation about connections on actual equipmentOne-shot
1Test result report (test specifications and results)

Details: Oracle Database Ticket Service for Oracle Cloud

This ticket will set a consumption standard value for each work. The number of tickets consumed per session will be increased according to the conditions associated with it.
Following are the standard values and we will communicate the number of tickets consumed for each work considering the factors that are difficult to predict in advance, such as difficulty level of the work.
The number of tickets is5.

ConditionNo. of TicketsWork Details
QA1Respond to your queries. (We will handle a case until it is completed.)
Work as agent*1Confirmation of normal operation1Confirm that the database and listener are operating normally by using database-specific commands and operation logs.
Troubleshooting1Perform the primary isolation of failure. If you wish to restore from the failure, we will provide a separate estimate.
Work observation1Act on behalf of DBA when DBA is required to witness the work during application release.
Checking resource usage1Check space utilization (OS/Database) and CPU/memory utilization.
Changing archive log mode1Change the mode to archive log mode and no-archive log mode.
Adding REDO log file1Add members and groups to the REDO log file.
Changing initialization parameter1Change the initialization parameter.
Creating database object1We will create a database object only if you provide a DDL.
Installing performance diagnostic tool (Statspack)1Install the performance diagnostic tool (Statspack) provided by Oracle Corporation.
Log rotation1Switch enlarged database listener log and reduce its size.
Prevention*1Investigation of potential risks*24Check patch application status/error diagnosis/space usage and investigate risks.
Security diagnosis*26Check the status of authentication/audit and other settings and investigate security risks.
Simple performance diagnosis4Check standby events and investigate system-wide bottlenecks.
Providing tool*1Starting and stopping database1Provides scripts to start and stop the database.
Checking database space utilization1Provide a script to check utilization of table area.
Various information acquisition scripts2Provide various information acquisition scripts such as a script to acquire a list of table/column names.
OtherCreating database configuration parameter sheet2Check the current database configuration information, including initialization parameters and table areas, and create a parameter sheet.

*1: It will be on-site service. The number of tickets shown above is the number tickets consumed when the work date has been pre-arranged.

One additional ticket is required for work outside 9:00-17:00, even if work date has been pre-arranged.

In case of emergency response, two additional tickets are required.

2: This service uses tools. Please contact us if you wish to use the database because the limited versions of database are supported.

In addition to the above menu, we also do following work. If you wish to get these works done, please contact us for a separate estimate for the number of tickets consumed.

• Database patch application • Expanding table area expansion • Creating database object list sheet

Details: Oracle Cloud/Oracle Database environment backup/restore service

 Implementation ItemWork DetailsRemarks
1Confirmation of requirementsRequirements hearing 
Requirements analysis/policy review 
2DesignCreating parameter sheets based on customer requirements 
3Creating backup scripts based on parameter sheetCreating RMAN backup scripts 
4Creating backup environmentWeb/AP server: Creating OS backup environment 
DB server: Creating DB backup environmentIncludes additional backup area
5Backup testWeb/AP server: OS backup restore testing 
DB server: DB database backup restore testing 
DB server: DB restore testing from OS rebuild 
6Creating operation procedureCreating backup restore procedure 
Explaining backup restore procedure manual 
1Backup setting document
2Backup recovery procedure manual
3Backup script
4Backup recovery test report

Details: Oracle Database Migration

 Implementation ItemWork DetailsRemarks
1Implementation hearing and designExisting environment hearing 
Study of detailed migration method 
Migration schedule development 
2Preliminary verification workMigration testing/migration rehearsal 
Creation and detailed investigation of migration procedure 
3Production migration work (export)Exporting data from existing database (entire DB) 
4Production migration work (import)Importing exported data from existing database (per schema) 
5Operation confirmationConfirmation of operation after migration 
1Migration design document
2Migration result report
3Program for migration

Details: Oracle WebLogic Server Construction

 Implementation ItemWork DetailsRemarks
1Confirmation of requirementsRequirements hearing 
Requirements analysis/policy review 
2ConstructionJDK installation 
Oracle WebLogic Server installation 
Oracle WebLogic Server domain setting 
Oracle WebLogic Server management server setting 
Oracle WebLogic Server management target server setting 
3Operation confirmationOracle WebLogic Server basic operation test 
1Test result report (test specifications and results)

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* These products or services are only available in Japan.

INTELLILINK Cloud Starter Pack for OCI