Cyber Security

We provide latest security solutions to handle increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks

Security Consulting

Based on the knowledge gathered in domestic and overseas critical systems for more than 20 years, we conduct risk analysis and assessment for introducing information security, formulate ideas and procedures for information security management, obtain various certifications and provide security solutions. We provide consulting services from implementation to operation.

Security Monitoring and Operation

Dedicated security analysts monitor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the events detected by FW, IDS/IPS, WAF, etc. built into the customer systems. A self-developed alert filtering tool that suppresses false positives and improves detection accuracy using uniquely collected intelligence is a speciality.

Security Solution

We handle a variety of security softwares and propose solutions to protect our customers' information assets, and provide optimal solutions for total support from identification of threats to protection, detection, response, and recovery from attacks.

Security Diagnosis

Cyber hygiene is important from the development stages for security measures. At the development stage, experts diagnose at the design and programming level., After the operation starts, white hackers with the latest threat information diagnose the vulnerabilities of servers and network devices, determine the degree of danger, and provide advice on countermeasures.