Our Business


As a group of technical specialists in the NTT DATA Group, we have focused on six technical fields

and are developing our business to create new value and contribute to our clients' businesses.


Providing total solutions from the implementation of products to operational management
By combining our knowledge of various vendor products and the ability to build them,
we provide total solution from introduction of commercial products to operational management, and offer an optimal infrastructure environment for business digitalization and cloud shift.


Providing software solutions utilizing advanced technologies
We provide assistance in application development using advanced technologies and in increasing productivity and speed of development.
We also provide outstanding solutions for software infrastructure in the areas of OSS and MS.


Wide range of cloud-based solutions from hybrid-cloud to multi-cloud support
We use various cloud infrastructures such as AWS, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud and
cloud services such as box to solve the issues faced by our clients.


Project support through technical assistance, including assistance in fundamental and application technologies for AI
Leverage information analysis and utilization technologies centered on fundamental technologies
to realize an AI that can be truly utilized to achieve business reforms and service innovation for clients and be the first to deliver next-generation innovation technologies for post-AI.

Operations Management

Comprehensive support for digital transformation of operations
With focus on integrated operations management tools, we develop orchestration tools that are indispensable for automation of operations and
APs leveraging SaaS for operations management to provide integrated operations management solutions.

Cyber Security

Provides the latest solution for increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks
In response to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, we provide resilience measures based on the assumption of intrusion rather than the conventional measure of simply defending against cyber attacks
and offer the latest solutions to pro-actively respond to the trend of cloud shift.

Our Business