INTELLILINK Product Support for Oracle


We provide maintenance services with the added value of our expertise in addition to regular product support.

INTELLILINK Product Support for Oracle is a high-quality support service that provides additional value of our expertise in addition to regular Oracle product support for the customer systems. We provide three service levels.


"The partner that provides excellent primary support"
Our "support engineers" who have received this award from Oracle(*) provide support for Oracle products.

*FY2017 Oracle Excellence Award Specialized Partner of the Year: Support Quality - Japan

Support Level Service Overview

Standard model of support service in which our support engineers expert in each product resolve problems

This is our standard support service which provides information and technical services focused on Oracle products. We provide support for 24 hours, 365 days a year via WEB, MAIL, and TEL to respond to applicable software failures, technical inquiries, and provide access to new versions/fixes, and access to Oracle technical information site.


Strong support for the customer system by assigning a customer manager and preventing failures (proactive support)

Platinum support assigns a manager (SDM(*1)) who understands the customer environment. SDM utilizes not only the information on My Oracle Support, but also our accumulated past inquiries to identify and investigate known problems that may occur. And collaborates with ATU(*2)to improve the accuracy of the information. In regular meetings with customers, we will not only explain information about defects, but also provide an inventory of the incidents for which we have received inquiries, provide measures to prevent recurrence of incidents, provide technical information, and provide lifetime support information. As a proactive support, we also provide DB health check, DB performance diagnostics, DB security diagnostics, etc. on a ticket basis.


Strong support for the customer system in terms of both failure prevention (proactive support) and failure resolution (reactive support) by assigning a customer manager

In Platinum+ service, we work closely with Oracle managers in the event of a critical problem that is difficult to isolate or an unknown critical problem, and share information and status accurately until the problem is resolved. This close collaboration allows Oracle support engineers and development department to give higher priority to the investigation than the normal escalations, and hence the problem can be resolved as soon as possible. We can also provide on-site assistance from our engineers on a ticket basis. Our engineers will be visit the site to further accelerate the speed of problem resolution.

  • *1: The SDM (Service Delivery Manager) is the manager responsible for managing service delivery status. He is responsible for providing and managing various services.
  • *2: ATU (Advanced Technology Unit) is our support unit stationed at Oracle Corporation. For high-level inquiries and critical failures, ADU works with Oracle and determine the cause or conducts analysis.

List of Service Items

Item Overview Basic Platinum Platinum+
Accepting incidents We accept inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (WEB, MAIL, TEL)
Providing standard maintenance support We respond to technical inquiries, provide new versions/fixes, and provide account for access to Oracle technical information site.
Support by ATU Our engineers stationed at Oracle Japan will collaborate with Oracle engineers to quickly resolve high-level inquiries and critical failures.
Assigning SDM We assign a manager in charge (SDM) to serve as the point of contact for customer for this service. SDM coordinates the smooth delivery of various activities. -
Holding regular meetings SDM will attend customer meetings. The meeting provides an inventory of the incident (report on the status of the investigation, and coordination of resolution schedule and investigation policy) and various information. -
Proactive response Providing lifetime support information We provide information on the status of support policy updates and assists in considering the optimum system lifecycle. -
Providing information on patches and defects We provide information on patch release status, known defects, and patch release information and assist in preventing failures. -
Understanding configuration information We understand system configuration and enhance suitability for providing various activities. -
Managing event information We understand the system events in advance and provide response with awareness of background events when problems occur. -
Proactive ticket service We provide ticket based response to the following activities selected by customer.
  • DB healthcheck
  • Comparative diagnosis by AWR and STATSPACK
  • DB security diagnosis
  • On-call event standby
Reactive support Priority handling Customer inquiries that require important or urgent response (severity level 2 or higher) are addressed on priority. - -
Escalation management
[Severity 1 or 2(*)]
*As agreed by SDM
[Incident tracking & situation management]
SDM monitors incidents and implements situation management to resolve problems as soon as possible.
- -
[Advanced escalation]
SDM and Oracle Japan managers work closely together to ensure rapid problem resolution through strong escalation to Oracle Support Division and Oracle Development Division.
- -
Reactive ticketing service We provide ticket based response to the following activities selected by customer.
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Support for information gathering
  • On-site event standby
- -
  • *Number of simultaneous responses: 1

Support Framework

We provide high quality support services with a complete framework.

  1. By assigning a person in charge for each product who has thorough knowledge of respective product, we provide a complete framework to robustly protect customer systems.
  2. A dedicated team of our engineers stationed at Oracle and Oracle engineers/staff will help identify the cause of the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.
  3. In Platinum/Platinum+ service, SDM supports smooth collaboration between customer and engineers.
  4. In Platinum+ service, we will work with Oracle manager to provide a prioritized response.

INTELLILINK Product Support for Oracle System

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

INTELLILINK Product Support for Oracle