Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server is the latest Java standards-compliant application server with the highest performance and enterprise scalability.
It can provide a robust, and secure environment with high availability for mission-critical enterprise applications, including cloud applications that support advanced data centers.

Features of Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server is an application server that takes full advantage of the latest hardware architecture, including 64-bit addressable memory, multi-core computing systems, and high-speed networking. In addition to its compatibility with Oracle Database, it fully supports the latest Java EE specifications and provides a highly reliable, high-quality infrastructure.

Features of Oracle Weblogic Server

Compatibility with Oracle Database -Active GridLink for RAC-.

Oracle WebLogic Server is the only application server with Active GridLink for connectivity with Real Application Clusters (RAC) to take full advantage of the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) of Oracle Database 11g.
It provides a robust, and secure environment with high availability for cloud applications and other mission-critical enterprise applications.

Full utilization of the RAC environment with Active GridLink

  • Integration with Universal Connection Pool (UCP)
  • Full Single Client Access Name (SCAN) support
  • Fast connection failover (FCF) by notification from RAC
  • Run-time connection load balancing (RCLB) considering RAC load conditions
  • RAC Instance Affinity for XA Transactions
  • RAC Instance Affinity for Web Sessions

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Oracle WebLogic Server Product Details

Oracle WebLogic Suite
Oracle WebLogic Suite includes Active GridLink for RAC, Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition, and Java SE Suite and it provides the essential foundation for building and deploying advanced cloud infrastructure. It offers flexibility to easily scale up or down to meet the requirements of a high-performance and large-scale shared infrastructure.
Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition has all the features and benefits offered by Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition, Java SE, and WebLogic cluster. It also integrates and standardizes applications and servers and creates a pool of Oracle WebLogic Server instances to enhance agility, efficiency, and business collaboration.
Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition includes Oracle TopLink, Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle Web Tier, and core WebLogic Server and it provides an easy-to-manage runtime platform with reliability, availability, scalability, and industry-leading performance.

Engineered system optimized as the execution platform for WebLogic
What is "Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud"?

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an engineered system that boasts superb performance, availability, and scalability as the operating platform for Oracle WebLogic and other Oracle Fusion Middleware products.


  • Superb performance in application execution environment
    Ultra-fast, low-latency, and secure InfiniBand networks and
    Exabus software optimization feature achieves
    maximum transaction throughput in mission-critical applications
  • Business application virtualization
    Mission-critical virtualization using Oracle VM
    reduces management cost
  • Centralized management from applications to hardware
    Oracle Enterprise Manager allows centralized
    management from applications to hardware

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Oracle WebLogic Server