INTELLILINK Risk Analysis Service

Serves as a guidelines and decision indicator for information security risk management

To reduce the probability of damage to information assets, information security risks must be reduced. It is important to implement appropriate management measures considering the impact on operations.

INTELLILINK Risk Analysis Service enables you to work efficiently by identifying information security risks, selecting management measures, and developing risk response plan.

Three components of information security risk

Block diagram of three components of security risk: 1. Information assets 2. Vulnerabilities 3. Threats

Purpose and Contents of Risk Analysis

  • It measures the possibility of loss based on the causal relationship between the three components of risk.
  • It is also possible to identify previously unrecognized information assets and vulnerabilities from the components
  • It can be used to guide prioritization of countermeasures based on the possibility and scale of loss.

Flow of INTELLILINK Risk Analysis Service

Determination of the scope Information assets
Calculation of risk values Briefing
Determine the scope of risk analysis based on organization, location, information assets. Identify where information assets exist and their condition. Classify information assets by attribute and nature. Estimate threat scenario for each information asset of the customer. Evaluate current security measures and identify existing vulnerabilities. Evaluate the identified risk value for risk in terms of asset value and vulnerability. Document the results of the risk analysis and conduct a briefing session.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

INTELLILINK Risk Analysis Service