INTELLILINK Cyber Exercise System CyberRange

What is CyberRange?

CyberRange is cyber exercise system that teaches various cybersecurity related techniques and provides training on how to respond to incidents in teams with the help of—

  • Virtual computer and network environment
  • Curriculum based on individual and team exercises


Why you need CyberRange and how will it benefit your organization?

Why you need CyberRange —

The development of highly skilled cybersecurity personnel is a challenge for the whole of Japan.
The following challenge is particularly significant.

  • A highly skilled security personnel is someone who has the practical experience, understands the role, and is a team player
  • These skills are difficult to acquire merely through classroom training, and it is advantageous to have a practical experience
  • On the other hand, there is a limit to the number of human resources that can be trained in practice in a short period of time

CyberRange, a system of education through practical experience, is the answer to this challenge and has seen a rise in demand in the recent years.

Advantages of CyberRange

INTELLILINK's cyber exercise system CyberRange creates a virtual cyber exercise environment, allowing students to learn in a manner similar to actual practice. Industry-specific environments can also be simulated to check your organization's responsiveness and practice response in the event of specific incidents.

Features of INTELLILINK's Cyber Exercise System CyberRange

INTELLILINK's cyber exercise system CyberRange has an integrated system architecture that not only provides a learning system but also has features to customize exercises tailored to the organization. It offers superior ease of operation and scalability in terms of maintenance, system administration, customization, and configuration as well as ease of integration into equipment and networks other than the INTELLILINK CyberRange.

A well-developed security personnel training platform

It provides the skills and experience to respond quickly and professionally to real-world security crises, a foundation for learning to respond in teams, the continuous improvement mechanisms required for professionals to support cybersecurity, and an educational environment to reach the highest levels of ability.

Hands-on and advanced team-based training environment for individuals

In the individual exercises, participants can choose a level that best suits them from four levels of difficulty and can progress through the content at their own pace. The platform also offers dynamic team-based exercises for advanced students. The teams are divided into attacking and defending teams and engaged in a real-time offensive and defensive battle using tools.

Customization of highly efficient and realistic exercises

With this system, it is possible to easily set up a virtual environment, from a single server to an entire network within a territory.
This features helps achieve the following:

  • Trainings replicating the infrastructure of industrial control systems (SCADA), financial companies, telecommunications carriers or power companies
  • CTF (Capture The Flag) exercise
  • Reproduction of advanced network attacks using traffic simulators
  • Exercises and simulations with malicious traffic


Support for latest cyber incidents

When you subscribe to our maintenance support, you get access to new scenarios added multiple times per year and newly discovered vulnerabilities addressed as they occur. Therefore, you get the hands-on experience to learn in scenarios corresponding to the latest cyber incidents.

Training Platform of INTELLILINK Cyber Exercise System CyberRange

INTELLILINK's Cyber Exercise System CyberRange makes use of three training environments.

1. Classroom Training

Comprises a lecture-style training environment. We provide white papers, software and network security materials, and current cybersecurity information and resources to enable you to effectively learn about basic security techniques.

Figure 1: Classroom Training

Figure 1: Classroom Training

2. Security Challenge

A hands-on training environment for individuals. Participants can choose a level that best suits them from four levels of difficulty and can progress through the content at their own pace.

Figure 2: List of Training Topics

Figure 2: List of Training Topics

3. Dynamic Exercise

A team-based training environment for advanced participants. The participants are divided into offensive and defensive teams, which allows the participants to learn from both offensive and defensive roles through different types of scenarios.

Figure 3: Dynamic Exercise

Figure 3: Dynamic Exercise

Implementation/Operation Flow of INTELLILINK's Cyber Exercise System CyberRange

We help in creating skilled cyber security personnel by providing consistent services from implementation to operation.

Implementation support Designing and building Maintenance service Educational support
Proposals and implementation support from the consideration of introduction to the start of use, based on our knowledge as IT professionals Designing and building an IA platform as a scalable advanced virtualization infrastructure required for system implementation Maintenance services in close collaboration with CyberRange vendors Assistance in educational course management and scenario creation based on our expertise in cybersecurity incident response

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INTELLILINK Cyber Exercise System CyberRange