Single Sign-on SecureJoin

Centralized ID/password for web system

It is a single sign-on (SSO) solution that allows users to use multiple web systems with only one login in the environment where multiple web systems exist. Users can login to multiple systems with a single set of ID/password, which simplifies user authentication and reduces security risks. It also supports SSO with major cloud services*.

*Salesforce, Google Apps, Office365

Key Features

By installing SecureJoin®, user management and access control of information systems can be centralized. Integration with existing user management systems and Active Directory is also possible. The main functions are as follows:

  • Can be integrated with Active Directory
  • Supports integrated Windows authentication
  • Can be integrated with the authentication function of existing business system (proxy authentication)
  • Supports SSO with the "agent-based reverse proxy method" that combines the two methods
  • Can be installed in environments without ID integration
  • Dual login warning function
  • Supports SSO authentication using mobile device
  • Supports multiple authentication methods
  • Can be integrated with cloud service

Benefits and Effects

  1. Agent-based reverse proxy method The communication is distributed in the same way as the agent installation method so that bottlenecks do not occur. The communication between the SSO agent and the web server does not depend on the web server in principle.
    The load does not concentrate on SSO server
    Authenticated terminals can use the business system without accessing the SSO server.
    Any type of web server for business systems
    The SSO agent is an application that runs independently of the web server and does not depend on the type of web server on the system.
    Gradual SSO is supported
    Since SSO is supported simply by installing SSO agent in business system, the scope of SSO target system can be expanded gradually.
  2. SecureJoin is a proprietary product of NTT DATA and your requirements can be implemented through flexible customization
  3. Simple and reasonable fee structure that depends only on the number of SSO users


Easy to install
There is no need to change the existing network configuration. It can be used by simply adding the SSO server and installing SSO agent on the supported system. Any type of web server for supported systems can be used.
Phased installation is possible
Since business systems installed with SSO agents are the target systems for SSO, a mixed configuration of systems subject to SSO and business systems not subject to SSO can also be used. Therefore, you can develop a phased SSO implementation plan that also considers schedule of the business system, such as installing SSO agent at the time of system renewal.
Can be used for small to large scale
The load does not concentrate on the SSO server, so it can be used for any scale.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Single Sign-on SecureJoin