INTELLILINK Information Leakage Prevention Solution

(Applicable product: TotalSecurityFort)

We provide various control functions for cases of internal information leakage

Although many companies have been taking measures to deal with external unauthorized access such as Internet threats, the majority of leakages that have been found are from the internal leakages. The various privileges granted for operations make it easier for outsiders to commit crimes, and the inability to take effective countermeasures makes the problem more difficult.

TotalSecurityFort®Risks are reduced by controlling the use of various functions provided by PC terminals and supervising their usage, and high effectiveness in preventing information leakage is achieved by preventing and controlling insiders.

Examples of leakage incidents

Information leakage incidents are easily triggered by the convenience of standard PC devices, Internet services, and commonly distributed software used in daily life, as well as the value of information assets.

Image of an example of information leakage incident

Features and Functions of TotalSecurityFort

TotalSecurityFort can control the use of information distribution that is not necessary for execution of operations, and can also produce a deterrent effect by detecting PC user operation records and SW/HW environment changes.

Preventive measure
Management of usage restrictions on software, external devices, communication ports, and secondary distribution
Control measures
Controlling managers and employees through log tracking, warning pop-ups, etc.
Detection measures
Detection and notification of PC terminal usage, software/hardware environment changes
Management Function Overview of Function Log
System management
  • Registration of task schedule for various scanning cycles
  • Installation/uninstallation of remote agent
  • Server configuration, administrator registration, agent installation management, etc.
Local security
  • Controls use of external storage devices and cipher/plaintext file output
  • Temporary use of external storage devices with administrator approval
  • Filter control by output file name check
  • Controls the use of printers, various communication devices, etc.
Network security
  • Control of file input/output via network (record only)
  • Control of available ports on the PC, URL filter control
  • Dial-up software usage control, etc.
Software security
  • Software startup control
Hardware asset management
  • Hardware asset acquisition and configuration change management
Software asset management
  • Acquisition of software assets, software license management
  • HotFix information management, configuration change management
  • Remote file transfer and execution processing, sending messages
  • Local disk encryption

TotalSecurityFort flexibly manages/changes policies that can implement leakage measures while maintaining convenience and operability by freely combining eight modules specialized for information leakage prevention, collected logs, and optional tools.
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Advantages of Installing TotalSecurityFort

  • TotalSecurityFort makes the network and administrator free from extra risks by controlling functions that are not relevant to the business and thereby reducing bandwidth to the network and the workload of administrator.
  • It offers a significant control due to the ability to quickly detect fraudulent or prohibited activities and immediately send an e-mail to the administrator.
  • By setting policies for each organization and user, effective measures can be implemented while balancing security and convenience.

Do you actually have to install multiple products for localized measures to be effective?
While some of these measures are more effective when used in combination, various measures of TotalSecurityFort alone are also highly effective.
Various functions are provided, but to what extent should we utilize the function?
A security specialist will visit your business and assist you in setting up an appropriate policy.
Is it possible to add control items after checking the situation to prevent impact on the business operations?
We can respond by changing the policy step by step after understanding the actual usage.

TotalSecurityFort Installation Flow

Prior hearing Installation and Construction Support Policy Design
Product Support
We confirm the information leakage incident that the customer wishes to address and implementation details. We install the product and provide support for the installation until a series of functions can be used. We set up management functions and detection details to reduce risk considering the impact on business operations. We provide upgraded versions for product maintenance and respond to Q&A.

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INTELLILINK Information Leakage Prevention Solution