Integrated Identity Management - VANADIS Identity Manager

Unification of identity and privileged access through integrated ID management

An integrated ID management solution that centrally manages ID information and access authorization processes for multiple internal systems that are managed separately within a company, thereby improving security and reducing operational costs.
The system reliably manages the current ID status (active/deactivated IDs), authorization status and users in the database and also facilitates flexible support such as linking with the personnel master. It not only improves the efficiency of ID management operations, but also makes it possible to achieve stronger compliance, including compliance with internal controls.

Key Features

Centralization of management and authentication of ID information used within the organization. Facilitates overall optimization by linking the integrated ID management system with all systems that have user information and authentication information. The main functions are as follows:

1. ID lifecycle management
Lifecycle of IDs from creation to deletion can be managed through features such as periodic identification inventory function.
2. Provisioning
Events are automatically executed as needed in conjunction with registration and attribute changes that maintain user information. In the event of automatic authorization management, authorization to each connected system is automatically granted or suspended.
Supports major integration interfaces such as LDAP, SOAP and files (XML, CSV), and hence can be used in a wide variety of systems.
3. Self-service
End users can reset their passwords and change their profiles themselves.
Prevents excessive inquiries to the help desk.
4. Recording of evidence
Outputs the current ID status (active ID, deactivated ID) authority settings status, etc.
Records and reports the creation/deletion of IDs, granting/changing of privileges, etc.

Benefits and Effects

Enforcement of security policy

Facilitates ID management based on consistent policies

Improved user convenience

One-to-one ID/password management reduces management burden

Reduces operational management burden

Automatic distribution of user and organization information, user information self-service

Reduces IT investment costs

No need to develop account management and authentication functions


  • Being a purely domestic integrated ID management solution, it supports Japan's unique business practices.
  • The system is equipped with an interface that enables integration with various systems to improve the efficiency of ID management operations.
  • Since the system is based on NTT DATA's own software, licensing costs are low, which further reduces the operational costs.
  • Highly reliable software with more than 10 years of operational experience helps achieve improved security and improved compliance with internal control.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Integrated Identity Management - VANADIS Identity Manager