VANADIS Authentication Infrastructure Solution

What is an Authentication Infrastructure Solution?

Today, with almost all business operations being systematized, it is becoming increasingly important to manage login IDs and passwords. Permission management, which controls data access permissions according to roles and responsibilities, has become indispensable for any corporation.
In such a situation, authentication infrastructure solutions allow for single sign-on through the central management of user information and permission information used in multiple systems deployed in-house, using a database.

Do you face these problems with your authentication infrastructure?

To address the following problems, we provide solutions making use of our experience and know-how cultivated through the construction of NTT DATA Group's in-house authentication systems.

Concerns related to ID management


  • Need to remember different IDs/passwords for each system
  • Heavy workload due to setting changes to be made each time the organization changes


  • Data is updated every time the organization changes, making operations cumbersome
  • Human error occurs due to manual work
  • Want to set usage restrictions for operations based on permissions
  • Want to promote operational efficiency

⇒ Integrated Identity Management—VANADIS Identity Manager We propose VANADIS Identity Manager for integrated ID management.

Concerns related to user authentication


  • Need to log in afresh for each business system


  • Want to implement single sign on, but not sure which method to adopt
    • Reverse proxy method
    • Agent installation method

⇒ We propose VANADIS SecureJoin for single sign on.

Integrated Identity Management—VANADIS Identity Manager

This solution can be flexibly adapted to the Japanese organizational structure and HR systems. Offers centralized management of IDs/permissions, including user information, permission information, and group information.

Enforcement of security policy

Facilitates ID management based on consistent policies

Improved user convenience

Manages only one pair of ID/password, reducing management burden

Reduces operational management burden

Automatic distribution of user and organization information, self-service of user information

Reduces IT investment costs

No need to develop account management and authentication functions

See the following page for more information on the functionality.

Single sign-on VANADIS SecureJoin

SecureJoin is a Web single sign-on product. The "agent-based reverse proxy method" can be applied to a wide range of applications and can be easily deployed and operated.

The load does not concentrate on SSO server

Authenticated terminals make it possible to use business systems without accessing the SSO server

No need to choose a Web server

SSO agent is an application that runs independently of the Web server

Gradual SSO is supported

SSO support is possible by installing SSO agent for a business system

Existing network configuration is maintained

All you need to do is add SSO server and install SSO agent on the system for which SSO is to be implemented

Options  Authentication integration with major cloud services

Using a cloud GW enables SSO support even for cloud services for which installation of a separate SSO agent is difficult


See the following page for more information on the functionality.

Case Studies

VANADIS is used by customers from a variety of industries.

Main Industries Public offices, local governments, insurance/financial industry, manufacturing industry, telecommunications industry, advertising agency business, major SI business
  • Highly reliable software which is in operation for over 10 years
  • We have a proven track record of deployments for large scale clients managing 450,000 users
  • As each user is billed separately, it is possible to deploy the solution with a budget suitable for the scale of your business

System configuration diagram

User and permission information is managed centrally (single repository), and information is provided to each business system through various interfaces (multiple interfaces) to achieve smooth integration with various servers.

System configuration diagram

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* These products or services are only available in Japan.

VANADIS Authentication Infrastructure Solution