INTELLILINK Application Optimization Solutions

Solution Briefs

For the application programs that have been maintained and managed for many years, it is becoming difficult to maintain and manage them because their structure has become complex and the affected areas have become opaque (legacy) due to various modifications and improvements, and only certain experts can make modifications.
"INTELLILINK Application Optimization Solution" supports optimal application maintenance and management with the following two services.

INTELLILINK Application Optimization Solution Diagram

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Application Inventory Diagnostic Services

We perform an inventory analysis of application assets to narrow down the truly effective application assets, and at the same time, we diagnose the complexity of the application structure, which greatly affects the difficulty of application maintainability, through metrics diagnosis, and provide consulting on how to best maintain and manage applications.
(Helps modernize the application development.)

Application Visualization Solutions

We create a systematic repository of the structure of application assets and achieve high quality and efficient maintenance and management by understanding the structure of the application repository through GUI and performing comprehensive analysis of impact due to modifications.


We support high-quality and efficient mainframe maintenance and management project by using the latest technological solutions that combine the development technology we have developed as the NTT DATA Group with the knowhow of NTT DATA INTELLILINK.

This service is ideal for customers with the following needs and issues.

  • After years of maintenance and management, it has become difficult to grasp the application structure, and there are concerns about future application maintenance and management.
    (We want to modernize our maintenance and management method.)
  • Only veteran engineers can understand and modify the system, and there are concerns about future development staffing.
    (We want to modernize our development staff.)
  • As some of the areas affected by the modification are not identified, troubles occurred frequently after operation, and there are concerns about the quality of application maintenance and management in the future.
    (Want to improve quality)

Service Details

Application Inventory Diagnostic Services
We keep your application assets, analyze the inventory of used and unused, active and inactive applications, compile a report on the status of your application assets, and provide consulting on the optimal maintenance and management of your applications.
Application Visualization Solutions
We support optimal application maintenance and management development by providing solution that can be analyzed via GUI, such as creating a repository of the structure of application assets, understanding the application structure, and exhaustive identification of the scope of impact caused by modification.

Standard Schedule for INTELLILINK Application Optimization Solution


  • Note 1) The actual schedule will be determined at the time of the hearing, depending on the size and content of the application asset.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

INTELLILINK Application Optimization Solutions