ADM (Application Development)

Globalization of business by Japanese companies has been increasing in recent years. We support Japanese companies in the development of applications for global support and service collaboration through our global delivery system, which has a wealth of experience in this area.
We support waterfall and agile development methods.

Features of ADM (Application Development)

  1. Our specialists are capable of working with customers to optimize development processes and applied technologies by providing consulting services, starting with the definition of requirements.
  2. We have a deep understanding of Japanese business practices and methodologies as well as the processes in the United States, Europe and Asia in general. We are able to implement global business arrangements originating from Japanese companies with excellent support systems.
  3. We can propose optimal system in cooperation with a large-scale development center in India, as well as development centers in other countries.

One of the largest apparel companies in Japan has successfully expanded its global operations through the development and maintenance support of our e-commerce system.
This system manages many online stores in many countries, different currencies, tax systems, and languages, and supports a wide range of client devices, including everything from PCs to the latest smartphones. Outside the retail industry, we are also steadily building our track record in foreign exchange trading, digital advertising, in-flight sales, and education.

Project Structure

Supported Technologies

We can propose application development using a wide range of technologies by leveraging the strengths of our overseas offices.
We have a huge pool of engineers, especially in JAVA and .NET, and we can provide a wide range of OS, not only Linux and Windows, but also mobile OS (iOS: iPhone/iPad, Android, Symbian).
The number of people experienced in NTT DATA Group's proprietary technologies (TERASOLUNA and intra-mart) is gradually increasing.

We also manage human resources by category and conduct internal processes twice a year to manage the skills of our members.

  Activity AM/DM PM PL SSE SE
Understanding of Processes
Estlmation Review
Planning/Scheduling Review    
Measurement Review  
Client Communication Review  
Documentation Review
Proposal Writing and Sales Support      
Technical RA/Acceptance Test Case Writing Review  
Design Review Review  
Cording     Review
Test Case Writing (Unit/Integration)   Review Review
Unit and Integration Testing    
Application Testing  
Impact Analysis   Review
R&D and Troubleshooting  
Soft Skills Written Communication
Verbal Communication
Sharpness in thinking
Mentoring Capabillity  
  • *DM: Delivery Manager, PM: Project Manager, PL: Project Leader
  • *SSE: Senior Software Engineer, SE: Software Engineer

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

ADM (Application Development)