Integrated Operations and Workflow Management (ServiceNow)


Product Overview

ServiceNow is a cloud-based service that provides a wide range of workflows on a single, integrated platform, connecting the entire enterprise and optimizing operations.
It provides IT, employees, customers, and creators with the critical workflow for companies driving any digital transformation.

Service Structure

We build the future of IT with an integrated, single-platform digital workflow.

Uses and Applicable Businesses

IT Department The productivity is improved and speedy provision and understanding of new information is enabled through integrated management of existing and new services.
The service health is maintained by visualizing operational status. The lifecycle visibility of all IT assets is improved and cost optimization and improved efficiency are enabled.
Employees The employee satisfaction is improved by integrating services. The required experience is delivered to employees by utilizing efficient and intelligent services.
The latest digital services are provided to the decentralized workplace through work style reform. The requests, reservations, and applications are automated for the best workplace service experience.
Customer The customer loyalty is increased by integrating digital workflows that automate interdepartmental tasks beyond traditional CRM and field service.
Creator The digital workflow applications can be built quickly with low-code platform. It is easy to create an intuitive and connected experience that users prefer.


In addition to supporting the installation of ServiceNow, we combine various solutions based on the ServiceNow platform to ensure system availability, performance, and security, and help achieve stable operations. We especially support the acceleration of operational integration and DX conversion by utilizing our knowledge and years of experience in installing and operating our brand Hinemos as an operational solution.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Integrated Operations and Workflow Management (ServiceNow) (Digital Workflow)