VOISTAGE Multimedia Box VS-401LB, VS-2301LB

The VS-401LB, VS-2301LB, a network-compatible telephony box with a LAN interface, is now available in the VOISTAGE multimedia box. The VS-401LB and VS-2301LB are compatible with virtualization/cloud platforms, enabling flexible system configurations and reduced server costs for CTI systems.

Compatible with three high-quality speech synthesis engines

As a multimedia box speech synthesis option, you can choose from 3 high-performance speech synthesis engines based on human voice (VoiceText version / AITalk version / Finespeech version). In addition, maintenance can be handled through a single point of contact along with the multimedia box, eliminating the need to separate maintenance and operation.

Equipped with a voice recognition function that is ideal for IVR systems

It can recognize voices spoken by unspecified speakers in real time and with high accuracy. It supports standard features such as "N-BEST" which can notify the application of multiple candidates (configurable) in one recognition, and "word spotting" which judges unnecessary words in conversation such as "um" and recognizes only specific keywords.

Supports operation in virtual/cloud environments

By adopting a LAN interface, it is possible to build a CTI system that supports virtual servers and cloud environments on the same network. Together with other business systems, it contributes to further physical server consolidation and downsizing of the entire system.

Flexible and highly reliable system configuration with distributed and redundant configuration

Since a distributed CTI system can be built on the same network, a flexible system configuration is possible, such as installing only the multimedia boxes at each location and using the area code of each location while installing the server at the data center. In addition, since up to eight multimedia boxes (three for the 2301LB) can be connected to one server, redundant servers and multimedia boxes can be quickly switched between operational and standby machines in the event of a failure.

Service of warranty for repairs


  VS-401LB VS-2301LB
Line interface Applicable lines Analog lines (4 lines) INS-Net 1500 lines (1 line)
Polarity reversal Detect functionality
Caller ID Detect functionality
Dialing DTMF tone 16 digits 0-9, *, #, ABCD standard
Signal Level Compatible with NTT line network
Pulse 0-9
Voice function Data rate PCM8:64kbps、PCM16:128kbps、μ-law:64kbps
Dial pulse recognition Automatic detection and recognition of DP-10/DP-20/DTMF after line connection
Voice recognition Voice recognition engine: Vrec2 included (made by NTT DATA Corporation), continuous speech recognition of unspecified speakers, maximum of 1,000 words simultaneously recognized x 4 consecutive words, maximum of 500,000 registered words, overspeech recognition
Tone detection DTMF 16 digits 0-9, *, #, ABCD standard
Minimum Pause 30ms
Single Frequency Detection Capable of detecting CNG and CED in FAX signals
FAX function Communication speed 33600/31200/28800/26400/24000/21600/19200/16800/14400/12000/9600/7200/4800/2400bps (auto fallback possible)
Other person on the line Facsimile machine compatible with SuperG3 standard or G3 standard
Image Size A4, B4, A3
Compression method MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
ECM Function Support
Scanning line density Normal: 200 x 100 dpi
Fine: 200 x 200 dpi
Super Fine: 200 x 400 dpi
Dimensions and weight External dimensions H x W x L (mm) 135×40×210 200×40×270
Weight 990g 1580g
Connection Host Interface LAN (100Base-TX/1000Base-T)
Power supply conditions Operating power supply AC100V 50/60Hz (must be used in Japan)
Power consumption 6W
Power cable Power cable length: 1.5m Power plug shape: 2P
JATE Application Number Acquiring A15-0067001
VCCI Class A information technology equipment
RoHS Directive Conformed
Price (excluding tax) JPY 598,000 JPY 2,490,000
Maintenance Service Price
(Annual, excluding tax)
JPY 80,000 JPY 350,000
Appearance and Part Names Front surface
Back surface
Optional Rack Mount Kit Three VS-401LB units and two VS-2301LB units can be mounted in an EIA 19-inch rack (1U height)
Speech synthesis option You can select from VoiceText (HOYA), AI Talk (AI), FineSpeech (Animo)

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

VOISTAGE Multimedia Box VS-401LB, VS-2301LB