Oracle License Buyer's Guide - How to Count Licenses

License count when using multicore CPUs

  • When counting the number of processors requiring a license, count all the "physical" processors in the operation.
  • However, if the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is used on hardware equipped with a "multicore processor" that has multiple cores on a single chip, the number of licenses required is equivalent to the total number of cores multiplied by the applicable processor core factor (rounded up to the nearest whole number).
    • For Oracle Database Standard Edition 2, the number of licenses is based on the actual number of processors installed, even if they are multicore processors.
  • The table below shows typical CPUs and their core factors.
Multicore processor*1Applicable processor core factor*1
SPARC T5 processor0.5
Intel Xeon Processor0.5
POWER 81.0

*1 The above table provides an example of CPUs provided by each company and their applicable processor core factor; the information therein was relevant as of the date of publication. The processor core factor may vary depending on the product series even if provided by the same manufacturer, see "Oracle Processor Core Factor Table" from Oracle Japan's website for details.

Example of license required for DBEE when using multicore processors

Example 1: Processor core factor 0.5 multicore processor

Example: Intel Xeon multicore chip with 4 sockets and quad-core

Number of licenses required:
4 sockets x 4 cores x 0.5 = 8 Processor

*Minimum number of users 25 NUP x 8 = 200 NUP (EE)

Example 2: Processor core factor 1.0 multicore processor

Example: IBM Power8, with 2 sockets 8 cores

Number of licenses required:
2 sockets x 8 cores x 1.0 = 16 Processor

*Minimum number of users 25 NUP x 16 = 400 NUP (EE)

Example 3:Real Application Clusters (RAC) configuration

In a cluster system configuration using RAC, an entire system consisting of multiple computers is considered as one computer.

Example: RAC configuration

Number of licenses required:
For processor core factor 0.5,
total 24 cores x 0.5 = 12 Processor

Minimum number of users 25 NUP x 12 = 300 NUP (EE)

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Oracle License Buyer's Guide - How to Count Licenses