Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Oracle license optimization solution that reduces the deployment cost45%(*)for Oracle's virtualization infrastructure by 45%

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) is an engineered system optimized for virtualized environments. Efficient processing of Oracle software processor licenses and ready-to-use IaaS for mission-critical operations. PCA promotes system investments to create new growth opportunities and synergies, such as building new business models and transforming work styles through digital transformation (DX).

*We compared the deployment costs for PCA and IA server (Oracle Server X8-2L)

Optimize licensing costs for virtualization infrastructure

PCA solves the problem of expensive Oracle licenses applicable on virtualized infrastructures. Trusted partitions allow the Enterprise Editions, such as Database and WebLogic Server to be billed as per "the license cost of the number of CPU cores actually used." No license fee is applicable on unused CPUs, which has been a problem in the past.

PCA solves these issues—

Reduce Oracle licensing fees

Trusted partitions optimize Oracle licensing costs for virtualized infrastructures. Only the used CPU cores are billed.

Deciding on the best server for virtualization

Best combinations of server groups are available for virtualization integration infrastructure. You can use servers and switches configured following best practices and pre-verified by Oracle.

Consolidating multiple distributed servers

Distributed systems from applications to middleware are consolidated into one integrated system. Supports Linux, Windows, Solaris and container workloads.

Reducing the man hours for operation and maintenance

Integration reduces the number of servers to be managed and unifies the operation method. It simplifies operation, reduces hardware maintenance costs, and saves space in the installation site.

Unifying availability levels

Redundant hardware is installed to unify system availability levels. This guarantees availability, allowing maintenance with zero downtime.

[45% Down] Verification of effectiveness of trusted partitions, Oracle deployment costs compared to IA servers

We analyzed the costs involved in purchasing IA server and PCA as virtualization infrastructure and deploying cluster configuration of Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server and compared these based on Oracle's established prices. PCA eliminates the charges for unused cores on the virtualization infrastructure, which had previously seemed wasteful, resulting in a significant cost difference.

Have you optimized your Oracle licenses?

Simple initial construction, simple support system

Use a virtualization infrastructure with the best-practice configuration recommended by Oracle. Reduce costs associated with product research, inter-component compatibility evaluation, and operation verification of combined server groups. In addition, the single-vendor support policy for PCA allows for simplicity of operation, eliminating complexity.

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*As of November 2020

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Have you optimized your Oracle licenses?

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Oracle Private Cloud Appliance