DigiCert Server Certificate and Certificate Management Platform


NTT DATA INTELLILINK handles server certificate vouchers (coupons) for Digicert.
Offering a perfect blend of technology with infrastructure and experience inherited from VeriSign and Symantec, DigiCert is Japan's, rather the world's, largest certification authority issuing digital certificates to corporations.
DigiCert's server certificates are secure and reliable, and are available free of charge through CertCentral, an advanced cloud-based certificate management platform. Do consider!

DigiCert "Server Certificate"

DigiCert's "Server Certificate" can solve the following issues:

Concern about security of server certificates

  • DigiCert runs the world's/Japan's largest certification authority issuing corporate certificates
  • Quickly strengthen cryptographic algorithms before they become insecure (compromised)
  • PQC toolkit prepares for the era of quantum computing

Concern about website security

  • Daily check for embedded malicious code with Malware Scan
  • Daily check for blacklisting from search engine URL/domain
  • Monthly reports on website/server software vulnerabilities with vulnerability assessment

Concern about website safety and reliability

  • CT log monitoring can be used to monitor for unauthorized use of domains
  • Show your credibility with the highly recognized Norton Seal

DigiCert "Multi-Year Plan"

Multi-year plans provide the right to issue server certificates in a lump sum for up to six years.

  • The longer the contract years of the plan, the more competitive the price
  • Reduce the cost of budgeting and ordering server certificates each year
  • Certificates can be re-issued any number of times during the contract period
  • FQDN can be changed during the contract period, so the extra validity period can be used for another site
  • Multiple certificate expiration dates can be aligned

DigiCert "Certificate Management Platform CertCentral"

CertCentral is an advanced cloud-based certificate management platform available free with the purchase of a DigiCert certificate.

  • Can identify all server certificates existing on the company network
  • Centralized management via CertCentral's management console instead of EXCEL ledgers
  • Can detect unmanaged servers or "shadow IT"
  • Can check for all server vulnerabilities at once to ensure that none are left unchecked
  • Generates a list of server certificate expiration dates to prevent forgetting to renew certificates
  • Automation of server certificate renewal is also available


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* These products or services are only available in Japan.

DigiCert Server Certificate and Certificate Management Platform