Integrated Operation Solution


Comprehensive support for digital transformation of operations

  • IT-OP (system management) based on a backbone of fundamental technological capabilities equipped with a wide range of hardware to middleware
  • Solving operational issues with total solutions utilizing services and tools (development capabilities, tool utilization capabilities)
  • Efficiency and value creation using advanced technologies (AIOps, RPA/RBA, SaaS)

Cost Reduction Through Automation

Capable of supporting stable hybrid cloud operations. Achieve aggressive operations for SoE. (Event Driven Operations, SDI, SRE)

Upstream operations

Move away from operations as a downstream process and shift to an upstream system of operations that utilizes DevSecOps approach to integrate operability from planning and design stages.


Machine learning of operational logs enables predictive failure detection and failure cause analysis.
Autonomous operation is achieved through intelligent event generation, knowledge utilization and automation.

Accelerate the digital transformation of your operations

Move away from reliance on personnel-dependent operations by making use of operation logs and promoting automation.
Leverage AI and robotics technology to advance operational DX to achieve higher quality and lower costs.
Implement DevSecOps, an upstream operational approach that utilizes operational logs for design, development and security.

Achieving Integrated Operations with ServiceNow

Various solutions are combined based on the ServiceNow platform to ensure system availability, performance, and security for stable operations.
We provide efficient system operation and service management.

Unique solutions for integrated operations management

We provide our own integrated operation management solutions including various solutions and services such as the collaboration between our operation management solution Hinemos and ServiceNow, and the collaboration between our configuration information utilization service and ServiceNow.

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* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Integrated Operation Solution