Customer Support and Help Desk (Technomark Mail)


This is a system that enables the person responsible for customer support operations, such as call centers, to respond to customer inquiries (email, telephone, fax, blog, etc.) in an appropriate and timely manner. The response history management and utilization of knowledge streamline the operator tasks, while at the same time improving customer satisfaction through prompt and high-quality responses.

Product Features

  • The use of low-cost packages and commercially available open source software brings down the overall systemization cost for support operations.
  • The functional design based on the information collected from domestic users provides business-oriented user interfaces.
  • Since this is a purely domestic product, it allows flexibility in handling customization requests.
  • Provides a one-package solution for advanced automated processing and contact utilization, using NTT DATA's Japanese language processing technology.
  • The function to manage telephone and FAX contacts at the same time allows for integrated management of multi-channel contact history such as email, telephone and FAX.
  • The response support function that utilizes the knowledge base not only improves efficiency but also helps achieve speedy and high-quality responses.
  • The analysis of customers' real voices can be utilized to understand and promptly respond to complaints, and develop products and provide services that reflect customer needs.

This product is ideal for customers with the following requirements and issues.

  • Want to set up a multi-channel call center
  • Want to enhance the existing call center through email channel support
  • Want to set up a SOHO contact center that uses home-based operators
  • Want to improve customer satisfaction by analyzing customer support information

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

Customer Support and Help Desk (Technomark Mail)