FAQ Management and Publication (Technomark FAQ)


Technomark FAQ is an FAQ solution that provides support to customers at contact centers and helps customers resolve the problem themselves. By linking with TechnoMark Mail, customer feedback can be reflected in FAQs more smoothly, and a 'knowledge maintenance cycle' can be put into practice to maintain usable FAQs while leveraging internal knowledge.

Product Features

  • One package for both internal FAQs and public FAQs. Public FAQs selectively publish internal FAQs on the Web.
  • Provision of objective evaluation of FAQs and reports to discover weak areas (content holes) in FAQs.
  • Existing websites developed using framework other than Java such as .NET can be easily integrated through Web services.
  • Smooth reflection of customer feedback in FAQs with the help of Technomark Mail.
  • On the public FAQ site, customers themselves can refer to past inquiry history and inquiry status on the Web through Microcontact (Technomark Mail Integration Function).

This product is ideal for customers with the following requirements and issues.

  • We want to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with 'usable FAQs' that support the use of internal knowledge and customer's own problem solving.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.

FAQ Management and Publication (Technomark FAQ)