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Hybrid Platform for All Your IT Needs - INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle

Combination of on-premise and cloud infrastructure to meet all needs

INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle is a hybrid platform solution that provides an IT platform leveraging on-premise Oracle products and Oracle Cloud. We provide the high-availability and security required of a platform as well as "data management and utilization" to realize data-driven decision making. NTT DATA INTELLILINK provides clients with comprehensive support from configuration study to construction and operation to ensure safe and smooth introduction of the flexible and advanced IT platform.

High availability

BCP measures for IT, which are becoming increasingly important. INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle ensures the continuity of system operations for various contingencies using a unique high availability configuration. The flexible combination of on-premise and cloud computing provides a modernized high-availability infrastructure.

Data management and utilization

In the era of big data, data utilization is a must. INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle paves the way for clients to leverage their data and create more value.


Data security is the system's highest priority. INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle provides a secure system foundation by combining proven secure products with appropriate configuration and settings.

INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle - Overview Diagram

INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle - Product Configuration

[Reference] INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle - High Availability Configuration Diagram

Technical strengths in the advanced technologies that form the background for assistance

Know-how acquired through extensive experience in technical support and maintenance of Oracle products

We can provide optimal system configurations for our clients based on our extensive experience in handling large-scale, mission-critical systems and our accumulated know-how. We can propose system configurations leveraging the strengths of Oracle products based on our years of experience in utilizing Oracle products.

Streamlined support throughout the system lifecycle

We can provide streamlined support through all the phases from designing and building an optimal platform to operation and monitoring.

Total system integration with NTT DATA Group

We can handle large-scale SI and operation management by leveraging the comprehensive strength of the NTT DATA Group. We don't merely provide a simple infrastructure implementation but a total, optimal IT service infrastructure.

Reduce problem solving costs < Eliminate unnecessary IT expenses >

Reduce IT costs by consolidating and integrating systems utilizing on-premise and cloud computing.

We help in achieving reduced system redundancy and reduced licensing costs without comprising on the quality by aggregating and integrating infrastructure using Exadata, ExaCC, and ExaCS database machines that provide unparalleled performance in vertical data integration and by deploying PCA, which is optimized for virtualization environments.

*ExaCC: Exadata Cloud@Customer
*ExaCS: Exadata Cloud Service
*PCA: Private Cloud Appliance

[Cost Reduction] System consolidation and integration - Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

This Oracle license optimization solution reduces Oracle deployment cost for virtualized environment by 45%


  • The best combination of servers for virtualization integration infrastructure
  • It solves the problem of virtualized infrastructures requiring expensive Oracle licenses. Trusted partitioning eliminates Oracle licensing fees for unused CPU cores
  • Single-vendor support enables simplified operation with no complexity

Useful in the following cases:

  • Reduce Oracle licensing fees
  • Deciding on the best server for virtualization
  • Consolidating multiple distributed servers
  • Reducing the man hours for operation and maintenance
  • Unifying availability levels

Problem solving BCP measures < Realization of rapid disaster recovery environment >

As part of the BCP measures, the agility of the cloud enables rapid start-up of disaster recovery configurations.

From data backup of on-premise systems to new or additional construction of disaster recovery configurations, we provide optimal configurations to meet your needs and requirements.

[BCP] Disaster Recovery - Hybrid Data Guard

Hybrid Data Guard to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for on-premise and cloud add-ons


  • We build disaster recovery site for on-premise production database in the cloud and deploy Data Guard to synchronize data between sites
  • In the event of a major disaster, the site can be quickly restored by switching to a disaster recovery site
  • In addition, resources at the disaster site can be effectively utilized if Active Data Guard is deployed

Useful in the following cases:

  • Building a remote disaster recovery environment for the production database
  • Meeting severe recovery time objectives (RTO) that cannot be met by restoring from backups

Operational efficiency with improved problem solving < Reduced operational workload >

We provide services to reduce the workload associated with system operations, such as monitoring and responding to unexpected issues 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Remote operation support service: Remote monitoring and operation support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of trouble, we execute an investigation response in cooperation with our product support staff.
Various assessment services: Assessment of database operation status, security vulnerability diagnostics and other services to help reduce the occurrence of sudden problems.

[Operational Efficiency] Support by highly skilled Oracle experts - Remote system operation support service

Operation support solutions of outsourcing system operation tasks and reducing daily workload/costs


  • We assign personnel to support clients' systems and provide remote operational support
  • When an alert is detected, engineers at the monitoring site take initial action according to the situation and work with support to help resolve the problem as soon as possible
  • We provide support in database operations with assistance from Oracle experts with strong technical skills

Useful in the following cases:

  • Establishing a system for monitoring operations 24 hours a day and 365 days a year when it is difficult to do so in-house
  • Establishing a system for responding to failure alerts when employees are exhausted to do so on holidays and at night
  • When the existing workforce is busy with daily operations and management tasks, and is not enough for undertaking the necessary development and improvement tasks
  • Operations are to be outsourced but there are no organized procedures and knowledge
  • There is no failure detection mechanism, resulting in prolonged service outages

Problem solving value creation < First steps in DX >

We offer assistance to data utilization startups by providing visualization infrastructure leveraging the agility of the cloud.

Clients can focus on creating new value and maximizing effectiveness.

[Data Utilization] Data utilization startups - Data visualization experience service

Self-service BI solutions that enable business users to visualize and analyze data on their own without relying on the IT department


  • One month data visualization experience services using Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Any business user, not just the Information Systems Department, can access the latest data from a Web browser
  • You can perform intuitive operations and experience the flow of preparation, processing, and visualization of analytical data

Useful in the following cases:

  • Analysts do not have direct access to the data needed for analysis
  • System administrator's resources are strained due to many requests for data extraction from analysts (no time for original administrative tasks)
  • Need to refer to analysis reports based on the latest data, not historical data
  • Need to visualize and analyze data, but lack knowledge of BI tools

Helping to make INTELLILINK Hybrid Platform for Oracle a reality

Consistent support

We provide total support from design to construction, operation, and monitoring of various environments including virtualization environments using OS, middleware, hybrid platform application servers and database servers running on Oracle Cloud.

Service Lineup

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