NTT DATA INTELLILINK develops and builds systems utilizing various Microsoft products and cloud services such as Microsoft 365 / Azure. Microsoft products are widely used and are handled by many companies, but many people opine that it is difficult to understand the differences and characteristics of each product.

We have supported many customers in this domain, and we would like to share with you NTT DATA INTELLILINK's strengths in the Microsoft domain with concrete figures.

Recommended for those with the following objectives:

  • Want to enhance remote work to achieve "both job satisfaction and economic growth"
  • Want to cloud lift/cloud shift their system and need advice for the same
  • Have heard that knowledge management is effective in technology succession, and would like to introduce it in their systems
  • There are many companies dealing with Microsoft, but in the end, which one is the best?

NTT DATA INTELLILINK's Microsoft Supported Domains

Project Flow

We can provide consistent support for platforms using Microsoft products, from design to development and construction.
We also offer unique features such as consulting and managed service "knowler".

Project Flow

Modern Work - Microsoft 365

NTT DATA INTELLILINK provides system implementation services based on Microsoft's "Modern Work" concept.

In a nutshell, “Modern Work”

is the promotion of remote work and diverse work styles. Due to the spread of COVID-19, many companies have adopted remote work, and new ways of working such as shared offices and workstations outside the home are increasing.
In order to implement a variety of work styles, it is important to have a secure and transparent environment that allows people to work even when they are not in the office. NTT DATA INTELLILINK provides support for the implementation of Windows devices and Microsoft 365 systems to achieve this.


Realize modern work in various fields such as work, school, and home. Chat, call, and video can bring you closer to each other.

Device Management

For Modern Work, it is essential to have devices set up to be utilized. Device management allows users within your organization to use their personal devices for school or work.


Security is an important factor in realizing diverse work styles. We help our clients work to improve employee productivity while maintaining security.

Microsoft 365

Cloud Infrastructure - Microsoft Azure

The need to convert existing on-premise systems to the cloud has become a trend, and inquiries for the same have been increasing in recent years.
In order to meet these needs, NTT DATA INTELLILINK provides Microsoft Azure build services.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Flexible use in any location and on any device!
  • Reduces the burden on in-house server management, operation and maintenance!
  • Subscription model reduces costs!

Strengths of Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft 365 / Power Platform users, Azure offers strong integration capabilities!
  • If you want to run Windows at a lower cost, Azure offers a Hybrid Benefit!
  • If you're looking to extend the life of your Windows servers, the Extended Security Update (ESU) is now available free of charge!
Microsoft Azure

Azure Case Studies

Become a data-driven sales organization!
NTT DATA INTELLILINK introduced Azure Synapse Analytics in a short period of time to promote DX in the sales department For details, see the URL below!

IT LifeCycle Direction - Windows Server & Client

NTT DATA INTELLILINK provides technical support services throughout the system life cycle.
We can also support the extension of support (ESU: Extended Security Update Program) by upgrading or migrating to a new version after the end of support, so why not take this opportunity to review your existing system?

Advantages of System Migration

Toward a Flexible and Scalable IT Infrastructure

We believe that there are many cases in which rapid development and construction are required in a short period of time. Consider shifting to an infrastructure environment that can respond quickly, not just a simple migration!

IT Management from Any Location

We think there are many people who want to performremote management but they have security concerns. Incorporate cutting-edge services for flexible and secure IT management!

Review waste and reduce costs

We understand that some of your systems are used infrequently. Enhance your cloud migration to reap the cost benefits!

System Life Cycle

Products whose support is scheduled to end in the near future

① Windows Server 2012/2012R2 support ends in 2022
② Windows 10 support ends in 2025

Strengths ① 2 Microsoft MVP recipients

NTT DATA INTELLILINK has engineers with expertise in Microsoft products.
We have engineers who have received consecutive Microsoft MVP awards, among them being the top engineer, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with Microsoft products.

What is the Microsoft MVP Award?

The MVP Award is a program awarded annually by the Microsoft US headquarters to individuals who share with the community a wealth of knowledge and experience related to Microsoft products and technologies.
Various activities related to Microsoft products, such as lectures, blog posts, and user support in online communities, are evaluated while considering the candidate for this award. As of July 2020, more than 2,800 people in more than 90 countries around the world and approximately 170 people in Japan have received the MVP award.

Consecutive winners of the Microsoft MVP Award!

Kobuna, who has been awarded the MVP award for the 18th time, actively contributes to the technical community by answering various questions from users, mainly on Microsoft Forums.
Suzuki, who won the award for the fourth time, focuses on Xamarin, a cross-platform application development environment, and his activities include speaking at Microsoft's "de:code" tech event and "iOSDC Japan," the largest iOS event.

Michinari Funakoshi
Software Infrastructure Division, Software Solutions Business Headquarters, in charge of MS Infrastructure
Michinari Kobuna (Awarded for 18 consecutive years)
Software Infrastructure Division, Software Solutions Business Headquarters, in charge of MS Infrastructure
Tomohiro Suzuki (Awarded for four consecutive years)

Strengths ② Advanced Knowledge Management

NTT DATA INTELLILINK also specializes in supporting knowledge management combined with Microsoft products.

Common challenges in knowledge management within an organization

① Siloed organizations and operations

Knowledge is shared to some extent within the organization and projects, but knowledge management across organizations and operations that make use of the strengths of a large company is not yet achieved

② No change in corporate culture

Due to vertically divided communication, the corporate culture has become rigid, resulting in a mismatch with the latest trends and lost opportunities

③ Environment maintenance is difficult

High burden of formalization (generalization) and updating makes comprehensive maintenance difficult, and documents alone lack information that should be shared

The above issues can be solved byknowler.

knowlerWhat is

In the future, it will be necessary to have a mechanism to reach information that cannot be reached with existing information sharing tools. This can be done by cross-searching not only knowledge but also structural data such as information on human resources, projects, products.
knowler is a product that supports the connection of "information x people" and "people x people" relationships, and offers one-stop services for "product sales," "implementation," "maintenance," and "operation support!

NTT DATA INTELLILINK has many years of expertise in system design, development, and support in the Microsoft domain.
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about remote work, diverse work styles, or system cloud computing.

* These products or services are only available in Japan.