We provide software solutions using advanced technologies

AI/Big data

Leveraging information analysis and utilizing technologies centered on fundamental technologies, we implement truly usable AI that will help customers reform their operations and services. Also we will quickly deliver the next-generation innovation technologies that anticipate post-AI.


By providing engineers with the necessary expertise to carry out the system development projects, we support different phases in system development and support various problem solving.

Customer Experience (CX)

We will improve CX value through content management using CMS, EC site construction using EC packages, introduction of RPA using WinActor and sophistication of call center operations.

OSS/MS Infrastructure

From open source to proprietary products such as Microsoft, we support infrastructure construction using various technologies.


We support agile development methods, build DevOps environments, and develop various applications using these methods.

Integrated Operations Management

With Hinemos the integrated operation management tool, We provide integrated operation management solutions through application development that utilizes orchestrator products that are indispensable for operation automation and ServiceNow, which is SaaS for operation management.